Letters of Prophet Muhammad to the various rulers

It’s a unique collection of letters that Prophet Muhammad got written. Here You can download the letters that Prophet Muhammad wrote to the various rulers inviting them to Islam.

Late in the sixth year of the Islamic Calendar (A.H.), on his return from the town of Hudaibiyah, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), decided to send messages to the kings beyond Arabia calling them to Islam. In order to authenticate the credentials of his envoys, a silver seal was made in which were graven the words: “Muhammad the Messenger of Allah”.

These letters have become a vital part of history and are studied until today. Some of the rulers and kings that received these letters ruled over countries such as Ethiopia, Egypt, Rome, Bahrain, present day Syria, present day Saudi-Arabia, and more. Here is what you can learn from this e-book.
  • How the Prophet called the rulers to Islam in the letters and through his envoys
  • The various ways in which the rulers reacted to those messages
  • The silver seal on the letters
  • How some monarchs got enraged by the letters
  • How one monarch ordered the arrest of the Prophet after receiving the letter
  • About the letters sent to Hercules and Emperor of Persia
  • and more
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